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We have a noise problem today.

People process incredible amounts of information every day, and with the rise of social media, we are blogging and tweeting our way to information overload. How can we possibly process all the messages we hear at work, at church, and in our friend circles?

How can we filter through the noise in order to hear what truly matters?

That’s my hope for this site. I don’t want to just add to the noise. We have enough of that. Rather, my intent is to provide a filter to help make sense of it all, to get at the core of what really matters, and to process everything through God’s grace and truth. Even when things are looking a little murky and gray.

A filter that leaves you with the words “you are enough.”

I realize those sound like grand claims. And they are. But they’re not my claims; they’re God’s. He has promised us that his wisdom is worth leaning on, that his love is at the heart of life, and that his ways are so much better and more fulfilling than ours. I hope to explore that here by taking a closer look at what it means to believe that God is enough, you are enough, and you have enough for this beautiful, messy life.

For me, this concept is grounded in the word “shalom” – a Hebrew word often defined as “peace,” but that really refers to wholeness, completeness, the abundant life, the way things were meant to be. This concept has been radically changing my life in the last few years. It has challenged me to re-think all of my relationships: with God, with others, with his created earth, and with myself.

Christ is the compass by which we should align ourselves, constantly asking God’s help to adjust our lives in order to mirror his image. And shalom is the result when we do that. Shalom is how God intended life to be before the Fall. So much more than the mere absence of conflict, shalom encompasses the whole, complete, integrated life God desires for us to have.

An authentic, grace-filled, and connected life – free from fear, anxiety, perfectionism, and worry.

As I continue to seek out peace in my own life, I hope my story will encourage you to do the same. And as you do, I hope you will share your stories with me. I’m excited to continue on this journey to the abundant life to which God has called each and every one of us. And I hope to hear from you in your messy, beautiful journeys as well.

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